Troubleshooter: Pool job

RALEIGH Noelia Barreno signed a contract with Midwest Pools and Spas at the end of May to install an in ground pool for more than $22,000.

"If you pay cash we put it in within 10 days," she said the company told her. "I wanted it for the summer, so I paid the cash."

Barreno says she paid $11,000 down and waited.

"Well we're waiting on the permit, and I said how long does the permit take and they said it could take a week or it could take more time and I said all right so a whole month later on June the 30th and they called me and said tomorrow we're going to put the pool in," she said.

At the end of June, Midwest Pools installed the pool, and Barreno paid the remaining balance. But while the pool did get installed, Barreno and her family still couldn't enjoy it.

"The electricity and everything else wasn't done," she said.

Besides the electrical, the concrete still wasn't poured more than two months after Barreno signed the contract. So Barreno contacted ABC11 Eyewitness News I-Team Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

"You call the company and as soon as you called the company they poured the cement," Barreno said.

While the concrete did get poured, the electrical still was not done. In August, Barreno's pool was still not done -- much longer than the 10 days she originally thought the pool would be completed by.

"I'm just tired of it," she said.

ABC11 spoke with the representative with Midwest Pools that signed Barreno's contact. He said it is a long process to put in the pool, and disputes telling her it would only take 10 days, he said it's typically four to six weeks.

He assured Wilson, Barreno's pool would get cleaned up so Barreno could enjoy her pool. It took some time, but Barreno's pool did get cleaned.

"It's finally finished and clean," Barreno said. "I can actually get in my pool and it's not a bird bath anymore so that makes me really happy."

The rep with Midwest Pools and Spas also said after Barreno signed the contract there was a delay installing the pool, because they had to order it and it was shipped from West Virginia.

Barreno is still waiting for her fence to be put back up, which she says she was promised it would done on Monday.

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