Missing cruise worker's parents seek answers


The Disney Wonder returned to Southern California without one of its crew members. Rebecca Coriam of Chester, England vanished at sea.

The 24-year-old was last seen when the ship was off Cabo San Lucas en route to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday. She was seen early that morning making a phone call to friend, but never showed up for work as part of the ship's youth program. The details behind that phone call were not immediately released.

Coriam's parents, Michael and Ann Coriam, were in Los Angeles on Sunday and boarded the ship to speak with investigators and gather their daughter's belongings.

They were hoping to view surveillance video of their daughter.

"She was definitely onboard the ship when the ship was sailing from L.A. to Puerto Vallarta," Ann Coriam said.

They say not knowing where their daughter is and having no idea what happened to her is agonizing.

"We just don't know what happened to her, do we? That's the worst. Nobody seems to know. We've got to find out," said Ann Coriam.

"It's just very, very painful, and the thought of not seeing her again, I don't know. It's frightening to think about it, really," said Michael Coriam.

The cruise ship is registered in the Bahamas, so the Bahamian Maritime Authority is leading the investigation. The Mexican Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard are also involved.

The ship, which is nearly 1,000 feet long, has been searched twice.

Disney Cruise Line issued a statement Sunday morning: "We have been doing everything possible to find Rebecca Coriam including conducting multiple shipboard searches, the latest one as recently as Saturday. In addition, we have been working with all of the appropriate authorities. Rebecca's disappearance has been difficult for everyone at Disney Cruise Line. We've been in close contact with the Coriam family, and we're assisting them in any way we can.

In a statement Saturday, the Royal Bahamas Police Force said: "With regards to the missing person report of Miss Rebecca Coriam from the Disney Wonder cruise ship, we wish to advise that the investigation is still ongoing. Disney is fully cooperating with this investigation. We will make available any new development as soon as they occur."

Passengers said they were informed about the investigation, but were not interrupted.

"It's very disheartening," said passenger Kameron Slaten. "It was sad and brings up a lot of questions in your own mind."

The Wonder is relatively new to the West Coast. It began sailing out of the /*Port of Los Angeles*/ in January.

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