How to find ABC11 Digital Channels

ABC11 at times is forced to pre-empt originally scheduled programming due to changes in news coverage or conflicting program schedules made years in advance. When this happens ABC11 typically directs viewers to watch the program through any one of the following sources:

For Cable/Digital Cable or Over-The-Air subscribers:

ABC11's additional digital channels
    You must have a digital cable box or a digital converter to view ABC11's digital alternative channels. If you have this you can simply go to channel 11. Then hit channel up to get channel our main standard definition channel 11.1. Hit channel up again and you will get 11.2 our second digital channel and one more time to get 11.3 our third additional channel. If you are you looking for HD channels simply type in 1111 for our main HD channel and then 1112 or 1113 for our other digital channels.

For Direct TV and Satellite Subscribers
    You must contact DirectTV or your Satellite provider's customer service center for the correct digital channel information for WTVD.

Online programs::
    Go to to watch programs available on-demand.
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