Live Well Network's 'Miss America: Secrets Revealed

The Live Well Network's 'Miss America: Secrets Revealed' is a five-part special series that will give viewers unprecedented access to the contestants leading up to the 92nd Miss America Competition.

Host Rebecca Spera (Live Well Network's 'Mirror/Mirror') will interview all 53 contestants -- one from each state, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands -- and get them to reveal their beauty, fashion, fitness and do-it-yourself secrets.

TV Schedule for Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville

Get all the details about miss North Carolina's chance to win.

Watch her win her crown
Watch her perform at the send off to the Miss America Pageant
Watch her answer the behind the scenes questions from ABC11

The Live Well Network is broadcast on the following channels:
    Over the Air: 11.2, 11.3
    CenturyLink: 12
    Charter: 136, 709
    Comcast: VA- 201, 791
    Greenlight: 413, 910
    SuddenLink: 147, 148
    Time Warner: 109, 112, 1109, 1112
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