5 Facebook hacks you need to know

In an effort to remind users to pay attention to their audience, the Silicon Valley bigwig is testing a pop-up message accompanied by a blue, laptop-wielding cartoon dinosaur (of course he'd be using a laptop – no clunky PCs for any of Facebook's creatures, no matter which species.

The dinosaur isn't the first Facebook trick that not everyone knows about – here are five hidden Facebook hacks you'll want to know, stat.

1. Schedule posts

Want to maintain a live presence on Facebook, even when you're away or on vacation? Click the clock icon in the status toolbar and take it from there.

2. Post upside-down status updates

To mess with your friends and have a little fun, use FlipText to get a bat's eye view of all your words.

3. Edit your already-published comments

Aargh, a typo! A phrase you shouldn't have used! Even Freudian slips and autocorrect failures can be remedied thanks to the little pencil icon at the right side of your post. Just hover your mouse over it, click and edit or delete to your heart's content.

4. Discover hidden messages

Many people don't know that Facebook separates your messages into two folders: "Messages" and "Other" (who knows why). Make sure you don't miss a trick by intentionally searching for your hidden messages.

5. View non-public photos in full size

Here's the tip you veteran Facebook stalkers were waiting for (although maybe you don't need us to tell you). It's a simple matter of resizing: follow this quick guide to view photos that show up too small on your screen.

There are plenty more Facebook hacks, to be sure, but these five should keep you out of trouble until the next update comes along.

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