Take this quick quiz to see if the birth order theory applies to you

Help us test it out by answering these 5 quick questions:

Which of these could you not live without?
A. Adventure
B. Order
C. Responsibility
D. Fairness

How do you try to make others happy?
A. Cracking a joke
B. Just spending time with them
C. Meeting their expectations of me
D. Avoiding arguments. Can't we all just get along?

I don't think anyone would be too surprised if I took up a career in _____.
A. Journalism or the entertainment industry
B. Anything I've been good at my whole life
C. Politics or what my parents do
D. Social work or entrepreneurship

I'm not big on _____
A. Following complicated instructions
B. Sharing
C. Taking risks
D. Being told what to do

Which philosophy do you agree with most?
A. Que sera, sera.
B. Anything less than your best isn't good enough.
C. You can do anything your set your mind to.
D. Just be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

According to the birth order theory, you probably answered...

Mostly As if you are the youngest sibling, or the youngest within a multiple birth.

Mostly Bs if you are an only child.

Mostly Cs if you are the oldest sibling, or the oldest within a multiple birth.

Mostly Ds if you are in the middle (Anywhere in the middle. Getting glossed over again. Typical, am I right?)

The birth order theory does not hold true for everyone, and all families are different. For many of us, though, it hits the nail right on the head. Did this quiz work for you? Let us know in the comment section.

Interviews from various sources with family psychology experts Dr. Karyn Gordon and Dr. Kevin Leman were used to create this quiz.

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