Durham burglary caught on camera after woman's home robbed four times


Jenny Daniels was fed up. So she installed a hidden camera, and caught a man stealing from her again.

The burglaries all happened on Wednesdays during the day. The latest break-in happened two days ago.

On the video, the thief casually strolls through Daniels' home and dumps valuables into a pillow case. He makes a few rounds -- looking to see if there was anything else he wants.

"I just want it to end," said Daniels. "I just want him to pay for what he's done."

Daniels' home has been hit four times

"It makes me really mad," said Daniels. "Yeah, really mad. The first time I was really scared."

The suspect has gotten into the home by breaking down doors or smashing through windows.

"He's actually completely ruined the doorway," said Daniels. "We've had to replace the whole framework where he came in and busted out the wall."

The Durham County Sheriff's Office believes one man is behind the break-ins. They said he probably lives close by.

"We would love to catch this guy. We're sure her house isn't the only one he's hit," said Paul Sherwin, the Durham County Sheriff's spokesperson. "He's likely victimized dozens of more homes, and we'd love to see him in custody."

Jewelry, computers, a Wii, and a few televisions were stolen so far.

In an effort to hold on the things she has left, Daniels now hides or takes her valuables to work every day. She's living on her own and raising two young daughters.

"I hate to have to live like that but I'm a single mom," said Daniels. "So I can't afford to replace things every time they get missing."

Daniels said that all of the items taken were gifts -- things that she couldn't afford on her own.

If you recognize the man from the video, you're urged to call the sheriff's office.

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