Easter sunrise service held at State Capitol


Like most Easter services, this one featured the singing of hymns, in this case courtesy of the William Peace University Choir. But like most services, the sermon was the focal point of parishioners.

"Hallelujah, perhaps as the light shines this morning, we will finally be able to believe," said Pastor Chris Chapman, with First Baptist Church.

However, what makes this gathering unique for some is that it is a sunrise service held outdoors.

"I definitely think it puts us in a position of Mary Magdalene where we found out that He is Risen," said Mimi Watts.

The annual Easter event also draws people from different churches and different denominations.

"People from all types of backgrounds, people who don't look like you or go to the same places, they're just here for one purpose, and that is to say He is Risen," said Grady Davis.

For some, it is also a celebration of being able to worship openly in public.

"It's just nice to know we are believers and we can come together in this way freely because in some countries you can't do this," said Velma Davis.

For all these reasons, many in the crowd said they come out year after year, while other first-timers said this might be the start of a new tradition, for them.

"This was actually the first time we came to the sunrise service and I'm glad we did," said Bubba Watts. "My son was doing the scouts, the scouts troop was participating in the service, and I think it's something were going to do a lot more of."

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