War widow, children set to move into new home


Air Force Sgt. Andrew Harvell died in 2011 when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Since then, his widow and two young children have been living in California. Now, they are almost ready to come home.

On a quiet Aberdeen street, an American flag flies in front of home, being built on love, and honor. For Krista Harvell and her two sons, it's a dream home.

"I could not have asked for more support from this community. Just think what this house represents," said Krista. "I really can't believe that things are coming back together finally."

Last October, members of a national support group called "Operation Finally Home" gave Krista the surprise of her life -- blueprints for a new mortgage-free home. The house is just weeks away from being finished.

Five-year-old Hunter Harvell is excited about getting his own room.

"It's really good, and I love it," said Hunter. "It makes me feel really happy."

His mom is happy too.

"And everybody that I have met has been completely awesome they have supported me on everything," said Krista.

It has truly been a community cooperative event with an army of businesses, and contractors who put up the supplies and muscles to build the home. Volunteers have also helped with the landscaping. Interior design businesses have helped Krista with decorating inside. The home even has a swing for the two boys.

For now, a picture of Sgt. Harvell and his team taken before they deployed is taped on a porch door for all to see the hero behind this tribute.

"I just want them to think about my husband," said Krista. "This is really all to honor him."

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