200 homes damaged by multiple tornadoes in eastern NC


The National Weather Service says roughly 200 homes were damaged in that area. Much of that damage happened in Beaufort County.

Dozens of volunteers are pitching in to help remove trees as utility workers try to restore power to the area.

Some people say they are dazed by what happened.

"It's kinda like, completely shell-shocked," said one person as he surveyed the damage. "You think to yourself, 'this isn't supposed to be happening to me,' but it is, and it is real. And it is pretty devastating."

Friday evening, people in Beaufort County were running for their lives as tornadoes ripped through the area. Now people are just trying to figure out how life goes on.

The National Weather Service said 150 to 200 homes have been destroyed or damaged. 150 mph winds caused trees to crash down on homes and rip roofs off. At one home, the framework is the only thing left standing. The cleanup has started, but it will be a long, painful process for dozens of people. Yards are filled with personal belongings that people tried to salvage.

Some people do plan to rebuild. Others just hope to stay positive and motivated.

Sixteen people were injured. Their injuries are not life-threatening.

Crews from the state's emergency management department are out assessing the damage to determine if a disaster can be declared. While that is being done, a shelter has been opened for people who do not have a home. The American Red Cross is also offering help to people who are trying to recover.

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