Beaufort tornado could be first EF-3 of the year


That's according to the National Weather Service. Winds as high as 150 miles per hour caused extensive damage Friday, leaving 150 to 200 homes damaged. Some homes were completely destroyed.

People like Jamie Boyd spent nearly all of Saturday cleaning up what mother nature destroyed.

"It's done - I wouldn't want it," Boyd said. "The house is gone."

Multiple tornadoes ripped through Beaufort County on Friday.

Boyd removed downed trees, threw out water-damaged furniture, and turned personal belongings into piles of junk.

"It's kind of like shell shock," Boyd said. "You think to yourself 'this isn't supposed to be happening,' to be but is it and it's real and it's pretty devastating."

At one house, the framework is the only thing that's left standing. The garage at another home is gutted.

"A lot of work to be done," said Elizabeth Harris, another tornado victim. "There's lots of structural damage."

People have been trying to save some of their items. They've been picking through debris, searching for something to hold onto.

"Folks from the church came in and helped us get everything we could get our hands on into bins and down to the nearest storage unit," said Robert Strader, whose property was also damaged by the storm.

Victims of the tornadoes have been forced to find another place to live. In spite of this, many say even with all they lost, there's still a lot to be thankful for.

"The important thing is we're safe," said Elizabeth Harris.

"With God's grace we'll recover," said Ashley Harris. "We already have a place to stay. An empty house in the neighborhood here."

Sixteen people were injured. Their injuries are not life-threatening. A shelter has been set up for people who need assistance. The American Red Cross is also making counselors available to families struggling to cope with what happened.

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