Raleigh City Council votes to renovate 200-year-old Moore Square park


The current proposal is to spend more than $12 million on the facelift some city leaders say is crucial for future plans in the City of Oaks.

However, even though there was a vote, the park's future is still up in the air.

The majority of the city council is in favor of spending bond money to renovate the 200-year-old park, but just how extensive and expensive will those renovations be?

By most accounts downtown Raleigh's Moore Square needs a facelift. Current proposals by the city staff include things like a sidewalk café, an entertainment space, and multi-level terracing. That plan would cost more than $12.5 million.

On Tuesday, the full council voted unanimously to designate that much money from bond money already approved by voters. Yet, some council members made it clear they think the city should spend much less than that and use the remaining funds to renovate other parks outside of downtown.

"It's very beyond me why we need to spend so much money to have a first rate park experience at Moore Square," said Councilman Thomas Crowder.

Still, a manager for one Moore Square restaurant says the city should not cut corners on the project.

"Why half do a job? You know if you're going to do a job do the job right and be finished with it because there are too many things that are half done," said Annie Nice, Tir Na Nog's events manager.

So while the money for Moore Square renovations was identified and set aside Tuesday, it is not clear what kind of improvements will be made. That will be debated by the council in the coming weeks.

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