Class of 2014 faces tough job market after receiving diplomas


Experts say graduates will face real challenges finding a job, and joining a backlog of unemployed college graduates from the past five years.

The stats for new grads aren't the best, but the optimism is high, and for good reason. Some of the N.C. State grads told ABC11 that they already have jobs lined up.

"I had an interview today with Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and it's a follow up interview," said N.C. State graduate Emma Norris. So, I've had one so far."

"I'm currently applying for nursing school now, and I'm working for Maxim Healthcare as a habilitation technician," said N.C. State graduate Samantha Hawkins.

"I'm going to work at Southern Weddings Magazine in Chapel Hill," said N.C. State graduate Morgan Moore.

According to a recent Accenture survey, those students are among about 11 percent of new college grads who've already accepted a job. That same survey revealed only 42 percent of grads in the last two years was hired in the first six months following graduation. Eleven percent from the last two years still isn't working.

"It's kind of a hard process," said Morgan Moore, whose twin Haley will join the estimated 28 percent staying in school.

"I'm going to get my master's for architecture at the University of Tennessee," said Haley, who is also an N.C. State graduate.

"I am the new event coordinator at the Stackroom at 230 and All Saints Chapel in downtown," said N.C. State graduate Alexandra Hughes.

Monday -- Hughes will start work as an event planner. It's a job she planned for with a major in parks and rec tourism management and an internship that allowed her to network.

"I met the girl who I'm taking her position, and she referred me. So it worked out great," said Hughes.

Event planning is among the top 10 better paying, secure jobs according to Career Builder.

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