Beagles saved from China dog-meat trade arrive in Cary

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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Beagles rescued from China arrive in Cary

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Six beagles were bursting with excitement when the van pulled up to the Carpenter Animal Hospital in Cary. The dogs made it to their destination and were quick to receive the fanfare and meet all their admirers.

There was a Welcome Home party, complete with doggy ice cream and cake.

The event was meant to celebrate not only their arrival but also their escape.

The dogs were rescued from the Chinese dog-meat market.

"In the United States, for us, dogs are pets and family members. Such is not the mindset over there," said Triangle Beagle Rescue Board Member Lisa Madison.

The Triangle Beagle Rescue nonprofit worked with a British group to save the dogs.

The animals were flown from China to Atlanta. A volunteer picked up the pups at the airport.

Madison said they were saved from slaughter and found in the back of a truck. She said she believes the beagles were breed specifically for market.

Madison is thrilled volunteers were able to help give the dogs a new home and raise awareness on the issue.

"I think in the United States people are like 'Oh my God.' It's an unbelievable thing for us to process. But over there, it's a cultural thing. It's government-sanctioned. It's their way of life," she said. "We have wonderful foster families that have stepped up to bring them into their family and we'll get them all settled in."

Four of the six beagles have foster families. They all need forever families. Anyone interested in adopting a beagle from Triangle Beagle Rescue can start the process here.