Raleigh residents hope to win online contest for dog park makeover

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Sunday, October 2, 2016
Raleigh dog park in the running for makeover in online contest
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The Millbrook dog park in Raleigh is in an online competition for a makeover from Purina's Beneful

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Many dog owners in Raleigh are hoping to win a social media contest for a dog park makeover.

People have been casting votes for the Millbrook dog park to get a $32,000 makeover from Purina's Beneful dog food as part of a national competition. Raleigh is a top competitor, but Indianapolis is still slightly ahead.

Dog owners told ABC11 Sunday that the Millbrook park used to be covered in grass when it opened about a decade ago. Now there's a lot of wear and mud after years of use.

"It would be nice to have an area where they could stay clean, as well," said Hannah Barham as she watched her dog chase tennis balls with other pets. "Yeah, that would be nice!"

Dog park advocate Carole O'Kobrick urges everyone who supports the park to vote before the deadline.

"November first. And you go to Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram you need to have a picture of a dog. On Twitter you don't. And you put #Raleigh, #benefuldogpark with your photo on Instagram. On Twitter, just the hashtag," she explained. "It's important that the hashtags are there, or they don't count."

The rules allow one vote per online platform daily.

"I vote every day," one woman told ABC11. "And I encourage all my friends, my coworkers, my teammates, to join in on this. Even if they've never been her before or they don't even have dogs. Please, help us."

O'Kobrick agrees: "Whether you come to the dog park or not, this is about Raleigh. Raleigh needs to beat Indianapolis! This is Raleigh pride right here."

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