Losin It with Big Weather - Exercise of the Week 2

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Don walking

Hi Guys.

It was a warm one yesterday. Went for a walk and forgot to bring along a bottle of water. #RookieMistake Next time, water goes with ...

Well, today is Tuesday, and that means giving you a second exercise of the week. Remember, these exercises are for beginners. They are meant to help strengthen the areas that may hurt the most when you again start exercising.

Last week, our exercise worked on strengthening the knee. Today, we're working on the back of the legs or the hamstrings.

And today's "exercise" is more of a stretch. You can see how to do it in the video below.

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BTW, a viewer just wrote in and said be careful not to use a chair that has wheels!

Now this doesn't mean you stop last week's exercise, you just add this in after you are done with your leg lifts. Keep going, and if you'd like to comment you can below, or you can always write to me with a message on my Facebook page.

Now, I gotta go get my steps in during my down town in Good Morning, America!

Good luck and keep moving!