Bill Murray goes to 'Groundhog Day the Musical' ... again

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Thursday, August 10, 2017
Bill Murray goes to 'Groundhog Day the Musical' ... again
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Bill Murray saw finally ''Groundhog Day the Musical'' ... and then went back the very next night.

The cast of "Groundhog Day the Musical" mustn't keep their audience waiting, especially when Bill Murray is in it ... again.

The star of the original 1993 film about a weatherman stuck in the same day hilariously returned two nights in a row to the theater where its Broadway adaption is being performed.

Andy Karl, who plays Murray's character in the movie, tweeted his excitement about Murray's enthusiasm.

Murray's motivation might go beyond the love of a good joke into a genuine passion for the musical. Murray was reportedly crying by the end of his first viewing.

"The idea that we just have to try again. We just have to try again," Murray told the New York Times. "It's such a beautiful, powerful idea."