Wake County's The Black Cowgirl rides to rescue kids struggling with reading

WENDELL, N.C. (WTVD) -- In the east of Wake County it feels like out west; the Black Cowgirl rides high on a horse she knows best.

Her name is Caitlin Gooch, once a waitress and cashier; but now there's a job in her heart she holds dear.

Saddle Up And Read - the adventure awaits - for Black children the chance to be in charge of their own fates.

"Some children just didn't have books at home," the Black Cowgirl could see.

"How do you say let's raise literacy rates but they don't have anything to read?"

But how to stoke interest with kids so distracted, and in so many stories Black heroes subtracted.

"If you're not interested in reading something, why are you going to pick it up?"

To Gooch, 28, this was an issue needing a closeup.

Growing up with horses that is all Caitlin knows; same with being teased and once being called "Oreo"

Black on the outside and white on the inside -- that's how the mocking would go.

But horses never judge, only love they would show.

Thus the idea to merge two things she adores: Caitlin takes horses and books to parks, Walmarts and more.

Yes, people turn their heads and that's just fine with her.

So many kids like Sevyn Hodges now want their own spurs.

"It's better mentally for sure," Sevyn's mother says, so happy and glad. "Better stimulation than YouTube or games on an iPad."

Donations and used books allow this project to grow, and to all the kids - Black and white - the best moral to show.

"People look at you and say, 'oh that person must be rich,'" but the Black Cowgirl knows the struggle and the itch.

"I want children to know they can do things they want to do. Take any trail and take it on. This could be you, too."

So kids - listen up it's your turn to succeed. Remember this great tale of how to Saddle Up and Read.
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