Flower farm that delivers beautiful bouquets, is a labor of love for Orange County boy with autism, epilepsy

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Monday, September 30, 2019
Flower farm delivers beautiful bouquets, special message
Flower farm delivers beautiful bouquets, special message

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- On any given day, Blawesome Farm is full of bright, beautiful blooms. Among the rows of green and purple, that's where you'll find Raimee Sorensen.

Whether it's harvesting the flowers or hauling them inside for bouquet-making, the farm is Sorensen's pride and joy.

Sorensen's journey hasn't always been rosy. When he was just 18 months old he was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy.

"The doctor at Johns Hopkins literally gave us a book and an apology and sent us on our way. It was devastating," said Rebecca Sorensen, Raimee's mom.

Rebecca and her husband didn't give up and more than a decade later they wanted to combine Raimee's love for people and the outdoors--out of that grew Blawesome Farm.

"He's so enthusiastic about growing flowers. He's so proud of them. They're colorful and bright and when he takes them out into the community people are like, "Thank you. These are so beautiful. I love these,'" Rebecca said.

Rebecca designs the bouquets that are sold. For each one sold, they deliver a free bouquet to someone deserving and unnoticed in the community.

"He gets to see he has a gift to give people that he has a beautiful contribution to make to the world. And he has value as a human being," Rebecca said.

And that's how Raimee Sorensen continues to make his community brighter and more beautiful...one bloom at a time.