Man dressed as Elsa from 'Frozen' frees police truck stuck in snow

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Man dressed as Elsa frees police truck stuck in snow
A man pushing a police truck out of a pile of snow.

BOSTON -- Let it go! A Boston man is giving new meaning to the iconic "Frozen" theme song by helping to free a police truck that was stuck in snow,

A man dressed as Elsa was seen pushing a Boston Police Department truck out of a snow pile from the recent nor'easter in the city's South End neighborhood.

In the viral video, which has already received millions views, a crowd cheers as a man wearing Elsa's wig and dress pushes and directs the officer behind the wheel for several minutes until he is able to push the vehicle out of the snow drive off into the snowy night, proving that Elsa gets it done.

The man dressed as Elsa has been identified by the Boston Globe as Jason Triplett, 37, a lawyer that purchased the costume as a gag.