Sneak Peek: Boxyard RTP, a dining and retail space constructed from shipping containers

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (WTVD) -- Boxyard RTP was on target to open in the heart of Research Triangle Park's Frontier campus in 2020 but construction of the 15,000-square-foot dining and retail space made from repurposed shipping containers was paused in the pandemic.

Construction has again picked up in 2021 and the innovative space is set to have several of its 15 vendors ready to open in early June. The nonprofit, Research Triangle Foundation of NC which manages RTP developed the mixed-use site which will feature dining, shopping, and live events.

"We have 15 (of 16) committed tenants," said Carolyn Coia, RTP Foundation's senior director of real estate. "We've got Lawrence's barbecue, who's also doing Lagoon Tiki Bar, we have Fullsteam, they're going to do a brewery and a cocktail lounge, we have RTP Uncorked, which is a wine bar. We have Trellis Beauty, which is a steam facial bar then we also have The Cafe, which is coffee. We also have planned music three nights a week, so three nights a week we're going to have live performances every single week. We're going to have lunch-and-learns, RTP 180s, which we do every Thursday, every third Thursday of the month -- that ultimately is kind of like a mini TED talk.

"There's a lot that's going to be going on," Coia added.

Boxyard RTP will serve as a space for collaboration and community within the dozens of businesses in RTP.

"This will get people accustomed to thinking that RTP is a place to go, and hopefully some of the tenants that are here might want to expand or grow into The Hub which is going to be opening around 2023," said Scott Levitan, President and CEO of Research Triangle Foundation. "This is a place where innovators are going to come together, and it's the first time actually that there's ever been retail in RTP and this is experience retail."

Boxyard RTP will also be dog-friendly and will include a dog park. The first live music event is set for the first Saturday in June.
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