Cape Fear High School librarian "Miss O" killed in crash, students create memorial

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The halls of Cape Fear High School are a little emptier this week with the death of a longtime faculty member.

Catherine O'Horo was killed on Saturday evening after losing control of her vehicle and crashing into a tree off of I-20 in South Carolina.

Jean Bullard, a media clerk that worked alongside O'Horo, was the first person to find out about her death.

"He said, 'I need to get a hold of a family member' and I said, 'well, can you tell me why?' and that's when he broke the news to me that she had been in a car accident," Bullard said.

That phone call led to a wave of emotions that carried over to that Monday at school.

"It was tough for the faculty, it was tough for the administration, it was tough for the students," Bullard said.

It was especially difficult for Bullard. The media clerk began working in O'Horo's media department back in August. Over the course of months, they formed a special bond.

"We just clicked from the very moment that we met each other," Bullard added.

A connection made with colleagues and students alike. Bullard says O'Horo, also known as Miss O, sponsored a newly created club this semester called "Beautiful Minds". It allowed kids to vocalize their love for literature.

Over the course of the week, the students in the club created a board of notes, honoring and remembering Miss O.

Principal Brian Edkins says Miss O was a media specialist and worked in the school library for around 23 years.

"She was just one of the most caring, loving people around," Edkins said.

Bullard says students want to name the school library after Miss O and even turn the courtyard, that she would always eat lunch in, into a garden.

"She loved Cape Fear High School, she loved her students, she loved the staff here, and that's shown in everything that she did," Bullard said.

The high school plans to hold a memorial at some point but is waiting for the family's word.
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