Broken A/C? Here are some tips

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Monday, July 25, 2016
Broken A/C? Here are some tips
Air conditioners are working overtime in this heat.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- If you're finding yourself with a sluggish or broken HVAC during this oppressive heat wave, experts suggest doing your research before calling a professional to replace it.

Even with an older unit, Dave Dombrowski, ARS Rescue Rooter Sales Manager, gave us some simple steps you can take to keep it running in the hottest weeks of summer:

  • Check air flow
  • Replace return air filters every 30 days
  • Be sure nothing is blocking return or supply vents
  • Clear any bushes or overgrowth away from your HVAC
  • Don't allow your house to get too hot as your HVAC will have to work overtime to cool it back down; Dombrowski suggests keeping the thermostat around 75 degrees.

One of the best preventative measures a homeowner can take, Dombrowski said, is scheduling your unit for service twice a year, during the pre-season.

"People are paying for the fact they didn't react to the problems when they could've taken care of it much earlier on," he said as technicians have been busy responding to broken units during the heat wave.

However, there still comes a time when a unit is just too old to consider repairs. When that happens, Dombrowski said homeowners should have certain expectations of a technician.

"They should say, 'Mr. Homeowner, we can repair this for x amount of dollars. Let me show you exactly what needs to be done.' And they should point the items out to you and have it there for you. Or, 'Let me give you an option for this in terms of replacement,'" he explained.

Dombrowski offered the following tips when shopping for the right professional:

  • Go with a company that is licensed with the state and properly insured
  • Check the company's record with the Better Business Bureau
  • Research to ensure technicians are properly trained

Having a proper installation of an entry-level unit can out-perform even the best name brands based on how the unit's installed, said Dombrowski. He also said when comparing warranties, side with the company that can stand behind it, offering quality value.

"Value is a combination of how well do they respond if I have a problem?" he said. "When I do have a problem, what is their attitude towards it? Are they there to help you or are they putting you off because they're running some other calls?"