The Refuge Women's Project re-launches its commitment to cancer awareness

ByMichelle Young WTVD logo
Saturday, February 29, 2020
Refuge women's project supports women battling cancer
Refuge women's project supports women battling cancer

Durham (WTVD) -- According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 59k new cancer cases in NC in 2020.

On Friday, February 28, the Refuge Women's Project re-launched its commitment to empower and educate women throughout the Triangle about cancer and its effects on both the patient and her family/caregivers. Executive Director and Founder, Gabrielle Scott, based the principles of this non-profit organization on her mother's journey with Stage 3 Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Scott is intimately familiar with how the lack of resources, information, and support can place extra stress on an already daunting situation, especially in the minority community.

"Refuge Women's Project offers two core programs. One is 'Your Hand in Mine Cancer Support Group' for survivors and caregivers, and we also have 'Better Women' which is a program that supports healthy living through workout sessions, cooking classes, and cancer education on how to get in front of the issue" says Scott. "We are also now offering the Doris J. Wright Financial Relief Program for veteran and civilian women to give financial support for medical bills and daily living expenses. "

Scott's close friend and supporter, Lynn Douglas, spoke candidly about her personal journey with cancer. When asked about the importance of the Refuge Women's Project, Douglas believes, "I think that programs like this help women who are battling cancer by offering a system of support. It's really hard to deal with not only the physical changes in your body, and treatments, but also where your mind is from day to day. I think it's really important to have a community of people to rally around you to give you the support you need. "

To find out more about the Refuge Women's Project, go to You can also connect with Gabrielle Scott on social media @refugewomensproject.