Canes fan unknowingly joins Bruins 'Bear Force One' flight to Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- JetBlue Airlines put on a big show at Logan Airport in Boston on Monday as the ceremonial maiden voyage of "Bear Force One," a Bruins themed aircraft, set for travel to RDU International Airport. However, one lone Caniac had no idea she booked a flight that would put her in a sea of Bruins fans.

So who was this brave Caniac? ABC11's Mark Armstrong took to Twitter and summoned the forces of social media to help.

The next morning, courtesy of Hurricanes broadcaster Mike Maniscalco, the Caniac in the photo turned out to be Canes color analyst Tripp Tracy's mother!

Marilyn Tracy, her daughter and grandson booked what they thought was a regular flight to Raleigh. It sure didn't turn out that way.

Tracy was thrilled to represent the Canes, and it made the trip all the more special.

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