Schools, teams show their support for Panthers with #OneCarolina

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Saturday, January 23, 2016
(image courtesy @Panthers)
wtvd-image courtesy @Panthers

CHARLOTTE (WTVD) -- Schools and sports teams throughout North and South Carolina are showing their support for the Panthers on social media after the football team sent out a tweet with the hashtag OneCarolina.

The tweet reads: Tomorrow we roar as one. Two States. One Team.

It also shows a picture of North and South Carolina combined as one state with a Panther perching on top. Since then, colleges, universities, and sports teams have tweeted out a similar picture but with their logo replacing the image of the combined states.

Most of the messages send their support and a 'good luck' or a 'we stand behind you' to the football team.

The Panthers face the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship game Sunday at 6:40 p.m. at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The winner of this game will play in Super Bowl 50.

The Panthers have been retweeting many, many more on their Twitter page.