Cary residents opposed to new shopping center

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Some Cary homeowners are trying to stop what they call a harmful new development.

The proposed Amberly Village Shopping Center would be located at the intersection of Carpenter Fire Station and Green Level Church roads.

"Every neighbor I've talked to about this is in opposition to it. There isn't a single person I've spoken with that thinks this is a positive idea," offered resident Ryan McCormick.

The group of residents who attended a Cary Town Council meeting Thursday night say the area already has plenty of development.

"There's just enough, there is enough shopping; we do not need any more," said resident Richard Martin.

A developer want to fill 22 acres of currently vacant land with a 55,000 square foot Publix grocery store along with other smaller shops, restaurants, and banks.

But to build it would require a change to the Cary comprehensive plan to rezone the land from residential to commercial.

The intersection is already home to two shopping centers. Neighbors argue three is just a bridge to far with concerns about noise, light pollution, and keeping kids safe in increased traffic.

"This is basically just a case of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole," said resident Ben Kuhn.

Developers told council they've worked with neighbors and made concessions - adding fountains, a plaza, and increasing the space between homes and the shopping center. And not every neighbor spoke against it.

Some say there's not enough retail and with Cary's overcrowded schools more homes aren't needed.

"I'd much prefer to have commercial there than I would townhomes with everything going on in our world," said Julie Danielson.

After hearing public comments Thursday, the issue now goes to Cary's planning and zoning board. It could be months before a final decision is made.

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