Stuck in snow? Use the acronym 'CATS' to get out

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Friday, January 19, 2018
Stuck in the snow? Remember CATS
Stuck in the snow? Remember CATS.

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- Just remember the acronym CATS. It just might help you free your car.

The 'C' stands for clearing a path.

If you don't have a shovel use a piece of wood, garden tool, or even an ice scraper to clear around tires, under the car, and near exhaust to prevent deadly fumes from building up inside your car.

'A' is for add traction. You can use kitty litter or sand, twigs or small pebbles to add traction to tires.

You can also use your floor mats, mat side down in front of the wheel placed in the direction you want to go. For rear-wheel drive cars, mats go with back tires.

The T is for tires. You need to soften tires so they grab better. You can do this by letting some air out 5 or 10 pounds should help. There's also an old tip to pour bleach on tires to soften them up but the effect only lasts a few minutes.

S is a reminder to straighten the wheels then rock the car. You can do this by accelerating and breaking or reversing and driving to rock the car. But, don't gun the gas that will make the tires hot which will melt the snow digging a car in deeper.

These tips can help if you ever get stuck. Now is the time to stock up your trunk with a few of the supplies to help if you ever need it this winter.

Clear a path

Add traction

Tires-Soften for better

Straighten wheels and rock

Supplies needed include kitty litter, small shovel, and a tire pressure gauge.