Police arrest protesters blocking traffic ahead of Republican National Convention in Charlotte

Monday, August 24, 2020
Charlotte protests end with several arrests ahead of RNC
Demonstrations in Charlotte ended with arrests overnight.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Protests erupted overnight ahead of the start of the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

Demonstrations in Charlotte ended with arrests overnight.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, demonstrators began removing barricades and traffic cones late Sunday night.

The barricades and cones were put in place to stop and redirect traffic around where the RNC will be taking place starting Monday.

This year's convention is set across two cities -- Charlotte and Washington, D.C. -- after the coronavirus pandemic caused Trump's hopes for a packed arena to fall by the wayside.

On Twitter, the police department said demonstrators assaulted officers after stopping a vehicle leaving the area.

Protesters continued marching through the Uptown area, removing more barriers and blocking roads. At some point officers used pepper spray on the protesters and made multiple arrests.

With 10 weeks until the Nov. 3 election, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party will use this week's RNC as a pitch to the American people as to why Trump should get four more years running the country.

'He delivered': Ahead of RNC, Don Jr. says NC voters should trust Trump in second term

The president's son promised a convention fit for the president over the next week, which he said will highlight the administration's accomplishments, especially on the economy.

Trump is scheduled to arrive in Charlotte around noon Monday. He's then scheduled to visit Mills River, a small town in the North Carolina mountains with his daughter Ivanka.

Will the president then visit the RNC? Well it's not official, but many delegates tell ABC11 they are excited for the possibility.

Even if the president does not arrive, GOP officials are expected to renominate Trump in a small in-person session Monday.