ABC11 Together: Christmas tree bonus for active duty military

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Sunday, December 17, 2017
ABC11 Together: Christmas tree bonus for active duty military
Raleigh's Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm giving away trees to active duty military.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Some of your favorite Christmas tunes greet you as you arrive to check out what's available at Raleigh's Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm.

Owner Brad Barick wears a big smile as he greets you and says:"We used to say the old kitchen used to be the gathering place. Christmas time, the Christmas tree's the gathering point!'

He runs the farm now, established by his dad back in 1954.

"He was very active in the eastern NC Christmas Tree Growers Association," the proud son tells you, "and he spent many, many years with the NC Resources Commission, restocking the deer herd and many other projects."

Barick's father died on Father's Day 2017. Now, as the holidays approach, he's got an idea he hopes will make local military families smile.

"Honor my Dad by donating at least 100 trees to active military personnel and ideally, those who are going to be deployed...and returning from deployment."

We're talking trees of good size that go for, in some places, as much as $50 or more. But Barick knows at this time of year, when a lot of military families have to dig deep in order to pay transportation costs, money not spent on a tree can be used for other things, like gifts!

Remember to bring your military ID if you're active duty and accept his offer. He says those trees are first come, first served.

"All of them are very, very full and they are fresh cut. Just over a week old, off the stump," said Barick. "We'll take the tree down. We'll shake it out, we'll give it a fresh cut on the bottom, help 'em tie it onto their car. Full service!"

Barick's Christmas tree farm is located at 4533 Inwood Road in Raleigh.

"We are here from 11 o'clock until dark every day right up 'til Christmas, through the 24th," he says while praising those who serve America and make it back home in time for the emotional holiday season reunions.

It's his way of saying thanks to them and their families for their service, by helping them establish a warm, festive air in their homes without the expense of a traditional Christmas tree purchase.