Oklahoma college recruiter fired after telling students to line up by skin color, hair texture

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A college recruiter was fired after asking high school students to line up according to skin color and hair texture.

Juniors at Harding Charter Preparatory High School in Oklahoma City told KFOR-TV the Oklahoma Christian University recruiter instructed them to follow the exercise without any explanation.

"He barely talked about the school itself," said Rio Brown, a student. "I could already see through his BS basically ... he wasn't really knowledgeable how to speak to people even in a diverse school."

Brown said the recruiter, a white man, told students to "play a little game" and asked them to line up from darkest to lightest skin complexion.

He then allegedly told students to rank themselves according to who had the "nappiest" hair, said student Korey Todd.

"Teachers left," Todd said. "They were crying, and they were offended. Their faces just look disgusted. I know they had a talk with him after, like, 'That's not OK.'"

An Oklahoma Christian University spokesperson said the school fired the recruiter shortly after the incident. Officials said a university representative will visit the school Monday to apologize.

The university released the following statement:

"The OC admissions counselor who visited Harding Charter Preparatory Academy on Monday is no longer an Oklahoma Christian University employee. OC admissions leadership did not approve the inappropriate activity in advance and has communicated closely with Harding administration since the visit. Admissions staff are scheduled to visit the academy Monday to apologize to Harding students and staff on behalf of the University."

Harding Charter's principal also released a statement, saying the school does not condone the recruiter's behavior.

"Our community, from its inception, has valued diversity, inclusion, and a safe and supportive learning environment. We will continue to do so," the statement read.
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