24-hour board game marathon in Cary raises money for genetic disorder

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Gamers gathered at the Gamer's Armory in Cary for a 24-hour marathon of board games and more while raising money for those with Turner Syndrome.

The board game event started at 8 a.m. where people could come in and play board games for a full 24-hours.

According to the Gamers for Cures website, the event raised over $130,000 and this year plans to raise over $20,000.

As of Saturday night, the event has met its goal of $5,000 and raised $5,450.

Click here to donate to the cause.

According to MayoClinic, Turner syndrome affects only females, causing women to have developmental issues, including short height, possible failure of ovaries and heart defects.
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