Short, cheap trips for spring break

Want to plan a spring break, but don't want to spend forever in the car or in the air?

Here's are some ideas you may want to check out:

Washington, D.C.

At just over four hours away, the nation's capital is rich with history, and most of it comes at a good price - FREE.

The Smithsonian along with the Zoo are free of charge.


Home of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Boone is surrounded by spectacular views.

Near the northwest Tennessee border, a car ride in Boone is just around three hours away.

Outer Banks

In portions of the Outer Banks, wild horses roam the beaches.

With crystal clear waters and never-ending restaurants, the Outer Banks are sure to please everyone in the car.

The Outer Banks is just around four hours away.

Myrtle Beach

Just over the border lies a metropolis of beaches (60 miles worth!), along with every activity one could imagine - including theatre-style shows, restaurants, and shopping.

The trip will cost you spending money plus just under five hours of car time.
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