Girl Scouts answer call for 'S'more' cookies

ByAnnMarie Breen WTVD logo
Thursday, August 10, 2017
S'mores cookies are coming back!
S'mores cookies are coming back!

NORTH CAROLINA (WTVD) -- If you're one of the people who's been asking for "S'more" of your favorite new Girl Scout cookies then you're in luck!

In celebration of National S'mores Day, the North Carolina Coastal Pines Council announced Thursday that the cookie that took the nation by storm in 2017 will return in 2018.

The new Girl Scout "S'mores" cookie debuted as part of their 100th anniversary of cookie sales and quickly became the highest roll out of a Girl Scout cookie in history.

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It was created to honor the tradition of making s'mores by the campfire which was first popularized by the Girl Scouts in the 1920s.

The simple treat has been a favorite for generations of girls, created by sandwiching a roasted marshmallow and piece of chocolate between graham crackers.

The modern cookie version is a crispy graham cracker dipped in a creme icing and then coated it in chocolate. It is vegan-friendly, free of artificial colors, preservatives, and partially hydrogenated oils.

Sales of the newcomer helped push the council's three top cookie sellers over the 5,000 box mark for the first time in the Carolina Pines cookie program history.

Madeline Fisher, who was the council's top seller, said that "Whenever a new cookie comes out everyone wants to try it, but when I told my customers the new cookie was s'mores, their faces lit up!"

The only problem, you'll have to wait until January to get your hands on a box!