Struggling to feed your pet due to COVID-19 financial strains? Friends of Wake County Animal Center can help

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Monday, April 13, 2020
Wake charity provides pet food, supplies during COVID-19 crisis
Wake charity provides pet food, supplies during COVID-19 crisis

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- More and more people in our community are struggling to feed themselves, let alone their personal pets.

The charity 'Friends of Wake County Animal Center' has set up a way to help. The goal is to get pet food and supplies to those that are in need.

Raleigh resident Julie Harnish is one of those people. She's a server and bartender and server in North Raleigh. Last week her hours were cut to zero.

With dog Sam and son Jordan at home from a shut-down college, Harnish needed help with her pup.

FWCAC came through with a delivery of dog food.

"It means a tremendous amount. It's one less thing that I don't have to worry about for the next few weeks. It's good to know there are good people out there and thinking of others."

FWCAC recently launched the "No Empty Bowl" project. Through funds raised with charity partner Teddy Rox, FWCAC is committed to getting food and supplies to those that qualify.

"I've actually had somebody say to me, 'I would feed my cat before I fed myself.' We don't ever want it to come to that."

Struggling pet owners can apply through the FWCAC website.

Through donations, Hundreds of pets like Sam are already being taken care.