One swab can now test for COVID-19 and 2 flu strains

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- There's another COVID-19 testing option available, one that uses a single swab to detect three potential viral infections. Developers call it the COVFlu-19 test.

Developed by MAKO Medical Laboratories in Raleigh, the test checks for signs of COVID-19 as well as influenza A and B.

MAKO Chief Operating Officer Josh Arant said after launching the tests, "We'll make it available to all of our Mako clients as well as anyone else who would like to have this test in their provider's office. Mostly it'll be administered through health care professionals and then, other organizations who want it for their employees or anyone else."

Arant says current MAKO clients include "Sports teams, the ACC, state health departments throughout the country, nursing homes, senior care facilities, medical offices, multi specialty practices. We cover the gamut, from institutional all the way to medical."

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The COO said his labs can report test results within 20 hours and process 20,000 tests daily. He said most insurance will cover the costs of processing the tests.
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