Light-wash jeans, sneakers and fanny packs: A Father's Day ode to dad fashion

ByDanny Clemens WTVD logo
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
A Father's Day homage to dad fashion
These days, everything that's old is new again. What you might have written off as dorky and dated in your younger years is once again hot, and you'd be foolish not to look to your dad for help mastering the fashion trends of the late 2010s.

LOS ANGELES -- Your dad has given you so much in life: his love, time, money, patience and advice, among other things. But no matter how old you are, you've still got something to learn from your dad: his style.

These days, everything that's old is new again, and that includes your dad's wardrobe. What you might have written off as dorky and dated in your younger years is once again hot, and you'd be foolish not to look to your dad for help mastering fashion trends of the late 2010s.

Here's a look at just a few of today's fashion must-haves that take a cue from papa's closet:

Dad jeans

Unlike the dark-wash skinny jeans that recently took the fashion world by storm, dad jeans are characterized by their lighter wash and looser fit. Dad jeans are the next generation of the boyfriend jean; their waist runs a little higher than their trendier counterparts, but somehow they just work on everybody from former President Barack Obama to Jason Sudeikis. While dad jeans may have been derided earlier in the decade, high fashion has reclaimed them and brought them back into vogue.

Dad sneakers

Nothing goes better with a pair of dad jeans than a pair of dad sneakers. Functional and comfortable, dad sneakers have been dubbed the "coolest sneakers to buy right now" for both men and women, and it's easy to see why. A far cry from the sleek slip-ons that high fashion embraced in the late 2000s, the dad sneaker is a lace-up shoe that more likely than not has a thick, supportive sole and comes in a variety of neutral colors (think Asics, New Balance and even Skechers sneakers).

Steve Jobs famously wore what we'd now consider dad sneakers to nearly all of his public appearances, paired back to (you guessed it) a pair of dad jeans and an understated T-shirt.

Speaking of dad shoes, there's no better way to complete the father-inspired look than a pair of white tube socks. Though they briefly fell out of style in favor of no-show, athletic-style socks, it's once again cool to wear socks that will keep your ankle warm and that people can actually see.

Dad shirts

Gone are the days of skin-tight shirts cut suffocatingly close to your body. As the decade has progressed, shirts for men have gotten progressively looser, and we've welcomed the patterns, prints and stripes of the late '90s back into our closets. Even Hawaiian shirts (which your dad might have never stopped wearing) are once again a necessity, proving that the must-have collection for 2018 is the one that's been flourishing in your dad's closet for your entire life.

Dad accessories

Remember when fedoras took the stage a few years back? Or the murse moment of the mid-2000s? Both have paved the way for the return of beloved dad-approved accessories like the fanny pack and the bucket hat. When it comes to dad's hats and bags, function and utility reign supreme, and his accessories -- uncool though they were just a few years back -- are hot once again.