Cary dad's Facebook group, Dads Married to Doctors grows globally and gives back

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Cary dad Curtis Webster Jr. juggles a lot as a busy dad of three girls ages 6, 8, and 12.

"So for instance, later today I'm running into kids all over the place, they're in different swimming activities and we're getting ready for a trip," Webster said.

Add into the mix that Webster's wife, Allison is also an emergency room physician in Raleigh, and keeping up with daily schedules alone is a full-time job in addition to his job in IT.

"She's sleeping right now," Webster said about his wife. "She works nights and weekends, and so just being that primary parent, especially during the day and working full time, and three kids with busy schedules, there's just a lot of moving parts."

In 2016, just after the holidays, Webster was feeling isolated and overwhelmed trying to manage it all and so he took to Facebook creating a group, Dads Married to Doctors (DMD) hoping to find other dads in the same situation as him to connect and support each other.

"Life was hitting all over," Webster said. "My wife had just finished her Emergency Medicine Residency, started her new job, signed the contract for that big income, and then we said as soon as she signed in, we got all of these big bills, six-figures worth of debt that started rolling in. So, building a house, changing our cars, expecting a new kid. I'm like, 'I'm drowning,' there's got to be some folks out there that can help me better learn how to figure out and live this, what we now call the DMD lifestyle," he explained.

Since then, DMD has grown into a global group with more than 4,000 members and besides giving support to each other, they're also giving back.

"In addition to getting together socially, the guys were like, we want to do good," Webster said. "We want to give back to causes and charities that is close to our hearts. Actually, one of the, one of the dads in my group he's part of my advisory board, he started up a reading based support group, he mentors children and puts books in schools all across the country actually all across the world now. So, in the six years we've been around we've raised over $10,000 through our program called DMD gives back."

Webster has found his group is helping him grow and he hopes it encourages others to connect and find their own support networks.
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