Death penalty upheld for man convicted of killing Shaniya Davis

Friday, June 8, 2018
5-year-old Shaniya Davis
5-year-old Shaniya Davis

FAYETTEVILLE -- The man convicted of killing 5-year-old Shaniya Davis will receive the death penalty after his appeal to have his conviction overturned was denied.

Mario McNeill was convicted and sentenced to death for killing the 5-year-old in 2009.

McNeill's conviction not overturned in the death of Shaniya Davis

McNeill wanted the court to overturn his conviction because he says his attorneys should not have told police where to find the little girl's body.

While his attorney Andrew DeSimone said McNeill would have been better off without a lawyer.

"Mr. McNeill would have been better off without any lawyers because if this condition of anonymity was not going to be honored if he was not going to get any promise of a benefit or protection from use of this evidence against him, he could have done this himself," said DeSimone.

The jury decided McNeill received a fair trial.