State AG issues debit-card warning ahead of Black Friday

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Ahead of Black Friday, debit-card warning issued
Shopping may be safer with a credit card than a debit card, the state attorney general says.

We are seeing some sales at stores right now as we lead up to the official Day of Deals - Black Friday is just around the corner and North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is urging folks not to use their debit cards.

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"It's a lot better to have your credit card stolen than your debit card number stolen because with a credit card, you don't owe that money if you didn't buy the goods. Whereas if they steal your debit card and can get into your bank account, they can clean your account out," he said.

Carla Slates, who's from Raleigh, agrees debit cards can make feel you vulnerable.

"To me, they're dangerous," she said.

A few years back, her identity was stolen.

"It was quite scary that someone can get to your information that quickly," she said. "So now it's credit only."

Stein says card skimming is a fast-growing crime. Skimmers can be placed on card machines and your personal identity can be compromised as soon as you swipe.

Stein also has concerns about fake charities and scammers during the holiday season.

"You want to make sure your money gets used by the organization and not squandered by somebody who puts it in heir own pocket," he said. "We encourage people to do affirmative research. Check out the organizations you what to give to, go to and sure that the charity is a good group."

The Attorney General's Office has a hotline you can call if you're scammed out of money. The number is (877) 5-NoScam. The Consumer Protection Division exists to fight for the consumer and get their money back.