Heroic dog saves sleeping deputy constable from house fire

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Heroic dog saves sleeping deputy constable from house fire
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Heroic dog saves sleeping deputy constable from house fire

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- A deputy constable in Texas was rescued from a fire, thanks to his loving dog.

The charred remains of the home are a reminder for Bryan DuBose of just how bad things could've been for him and his family.

Last week, DuBose and his wife were sleeping when their home caught on fire. The couple only survived because their rescue dog started banging her kennel on the wall.

DuBose said Xena busted out of her kennel to warn them of the fire.

"She was trying to tell us to get out," DuBose said.

He said his eyes started to burn and he could smell smoke.

"Fire just boiled out," DuBose recalled. "It had been burning for a while."

The fire raged for 30 minutes, and the flames almost took all of their belongings.

Although DuBose has insurance, it won't cover everything.

Community members started an online fundraiser for him, which has already generated nearly $5,000.

"The public outpour and the people that have contacted us, I couldn't ask for any more of God's grace," DuBose said.

He believes another miracle is the one that entered his life one year ago when he rescued Xena.

"I went and got her and she weighed like 35 pounds. She just had every bug you could think of...internal parasite and everything."

Now, 50 pounds heavier and all of the bugs removed, Xena got the chance to repay her new owner in a way he'll never forget.

"By God's grace," DuBose said. "There's no doubt about that. She returned the favor 10-fold."

He said the fire marshal believes the fire was started by a faulty surge protector.