Door opens for proposed soccer stadium in Raleigh to get county tax dollars

Monday, August 19, 2019
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Door opens for proposed soccer stadium in Raleigh to get county funds

The Wake County Board of Commissioners opened the door Monday for the proposed soccer stadium to get county tax dollars.

The board approved authorizing the county manager to work with the city manager on a joint feasibility study of the proposed "Downtown South" soccer/entertainment stadium in Raleigh.

That would help the county assess the community impact of the 55-acre stadium and financing of the project.

Steve Malik, the owner of the North Carolina Football Club, said they have private investment of nearly $2 billion and want to be considered for interlocal funds, or hotel and food and beverage taxes, which PNC Arena and the Raleigh Convention Center get.

"I don't think it'll impact them negatively at all," Malik said. "In fact, I think today they're going to get first priority on that money. We are respectful of their legacy here in the community. And at the same time, this is a fund that is growing, can only be used for promoting tourism. We think we're the third piece in that equation long term."

The stadium wants $13 million a year in interlocal funds, saying they'll generate $3.8 billion in economic activity for Wake County over the next 15 years.

Monday's action in itself doesn't mean the soccer stadium will automatically get the funds.

The Raleigh City Council will take this on Tuesday.