A love of car racing brings this family together

ByAmanda Brady Localish logo
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
A love of car racing brings this family together
Meet a father whose love for racing has inspired his entire family to get in the garage with him.Jose Escalera, owner of J.E. Auto Repair, is known for fixing cars but in his free time he's racing them.

PHILADELPHIA -- J.E. Auto Repair owner, Jose Escalera, fixes cars, but in his downtime he races them.

"We used to go every week to the race track, I love it," he says.

He started drag racing in the 80s in Puerto Rico.

He brought that love of the sport to Philadelphia and instilled it in his sons Alex and Jose Jr.

Alex started racing two years ago saying, "I felt like I would always be in this sport."

They each say it's the thrill of speeds over 150 mph in eight seconds that keep them coming back.

"You have a good time and it's an adrenaline like no other, honestly," the family says.