Durham residents pushing for 'vibrant' corridor, says more work needs to be done

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Durham residents pushing for 'vibrant' corridor on Fayetteville Street
"We keep hoping for the best"

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Members of the Durham community met Monday evening with a city councilwoman Javiera Caballero to discuss plans for the Fayetteville Street corridor.

The corridor includes portions of Fayetteville Street, Cornwallis Road, Alston Avenue, and Pettigrew Street.

Monday evening's meeting, which was organized by the Fayetteville Street Planning Group, was set to address gentrification, economic development, beautifying Fayetteville Street, public safety, and improving infrastructure.

"We feel like we have done it the right way," said resident Elaine Cardin. "And I would like to see us having regarded as we have done it the right way."

She was one of several residents across from Councilwoman Caballero to voice their concerns about the corridor and its perceived lack of progress and community input.

"Everything that we have asked for is in a master plan that we presented back to City Council years ago back when Mayor Bell was our mayor," Cardin said. "And they said it was a thorough plan that should have been addressed. And it should have been funded."

Except it wasn't. The $55 million deal, according to Cardin, was more than 100 pages of a detailed plan with thorough studies of the corridor.

"If this area was priority those things that you prioritize and you focus on, it grows," said resident Marcus Greene. "The disconnect comes from a lack of focus. We are a very lively group. We are a very passionate group. And I think when they understand that commitment to this area, we can really start moving toward it and bridging some gaps."

Those who attended the meeting were disappointed to learn Councilwoman Jillian Johnson was a no-show and did not respond to the group's invitation. However, Councilwoman Holsey-Hyman responded and cited a conflict with her schedule as reason she could not attend.

"We keep hoping for the best," said Cardin. "And we keep hoping that the City will do what they need to do."