'It looked like a warzone': Durham woman's apartment sprayed with bullets, shooter still at large

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Saturday, April 15, 2023
Durham woman's apartment sprayed with bullets
Durham woman's apartment was sprayed with bullets with what she described as a military style weapon.

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Alisha Sanders showed ABC11 around her Durham Apartment hours after it was shot up with what she described as military-style weapons.

"It looked like a war zone in there. That's how many bullets here in my house," said Sanders.

From the front room through the back of the apartment, Sanders's home was sprayed with bullets. There were holes in the ceiling, through her front door and inches away from where she sleeps.

The surprise attack happened Friday at the Bailey Apartments off University Drive just after 6 p.m.

Sanders was visibly upset when she spoke to ABC11's Jamiese Price, but she was still able to describe what she remembered.

"Someone knocked on the door. I look out the peephole and when I looked at the peephole and I didn't see anybody, so I look out my window right there and a boy (was) standing behind this tree with a long gun," Sanders said.

She immediately ran to the back of her house. The bullets missed hitting her.

"If they would have just shot the door and kicked the door in me and her probably would be in there dead," Sanders said.

Fortunately, she's OK physically, however mentally this experience will take time to heal. The entire ordeal left her frustrated.

"My problem is with Durham police operators...I'm calling 100 times and one of the operators hung up on me," she said.

The ABC11 I-Team found growing staff vacancies and long wait times for people in need all across the Triangle. Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews told ABC11 there are nearly 140 openings in her department. Challenges that victims can't excuse in a time of need.

"It's ridiculous and you see the scene. If I would have said I had an asthma attack it would have been more police. It really doesn't make any sense," Sanders said.

Durham Police Department has not responded to ABC11's requests for comment on the response to this incident.

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