Planning to vote early? Here's why this is the perfect time

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Brianna Woods came to Roberts Community Center in east Raleigh wearing her comfy sneakers. She was expecting to stand for hours to cast her ballot.

"I was prepared. I was prepared for anything," she said.

Woods ended up buzzing in and out, not knowing these next few days are typically lowest in terms of voter turnout.

"I'm very, very grateful I didn't have to deal with the long wait time. Everything was great," Woods said.

Did you experience issues while at your polling site trying to vote? Tell us about it here.

Wake County Elections Board Member Gerry Cohen said that Thursday through Sunday are typically the best times to go to the polls if you want to avoid long lines.

Cohen said there is a lull this week. Polling sites are typically packed the first week of early voting and as the window closing, there will be another crush of voters. The turnout wanes between those weeks.

Wake County has a new interactive tool where residents can check estimated wait times.


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The latest data shows more than a third of Wake's total population has already cast their ballot.

Mary Olaoseobikan snapped a picture at a selfie station once she was done.

She was happy the process went quickly but said that she would have gladly waited. After all, it's taken her years to get to this point of being able to do her civic duty.

"I'm from Nigeria. I became a citizen last year, 2019," she said.

Olaoseobikan said the experience was a bit emotional and thrilling.

"I was excited," she said. "I came in, I filled out the ballot paper and submitted it and wow, it's my first time in America. I'm so glad."
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