Finding her true self: Pride Portraits founder shares transition journey

Houston, Texas -- Eden Torres has photographed thousands of people, from politicians to celebrities. She is the founder of Pride Portraits, the largest LGBTQIA visibility campaign to date.

While she's used to being behind the lens, Eden is stepping in front of the camera to share her own journey to finding her true self. As a proud trans Latina woman, she's hoping to empower people to be the best versions of themselves.

"One of the things that Pride Portraits is striving to do now is really honor the trans individuals and gender expansive individuals of our community," said Eden. "Since I came out as a trans woman, that has been more important to me than anything, because of the vast amount of knowledge that our own community still needs about who we are. It's been such a treat to learn from each one of these people, because I don't just take their photographs, I also ask them, what do you want the world to know about you?"

Eden first started Pride Portraits after the Pulse Nightclub attacks in Orlando in 2016. She began photographing people outside of a Pride Wall in Houston and collecting their stories. Five years later, she has now photographed 6,000 people as part of Pride Portraits.

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