Apex High students return after being stranded in Europe

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Thursday, April 12, 2018
Apex students finally home from Europe
A group of Apex students got a longer-than-expected spring break because of a travel strike in Germany.

APEX, NC (WTVD) -- Nearly three dozen Apex High School students are home and sleeping in their own beds.

They got back late Wednesday afternoon after a trip overseas left them stranded.

They traveled across Germany, Austria, and Italy for choral performances.

But it turned into a challenging trip.

"We were shocked when we got the call that we wouldn't be going home when we thought we were," said Cassidy Wright, an Apex senior.

The Tri-High Chorus is made up of students from Apex, Middle Creek, and Garner high schools.

They performed at schools and churches.

"My favorite part was Austria," said Janeva Williams, an Apex sophomore. "We sang at this high school, and we got to meet and greet with a bunch of students, so now I have new Austrian friends".

But a strike at Munich's airport meant they were struck for longer than they expected.

The group had to split up and travel from separate airports, in their scramble to get home sooner.

"We had one group going from Munich to Charlotte, one from Paris, which was my group, and a couple staying in Venice, waiting it out," said Abby Teague, an Apex senior.

The side trip to Paris was a surprise and a little disappointing.

"A lot of kids were like well, let's go see the Eiffel tower, we didn't have the time, everyone was very, very tired and just wanted to go home," said Teague.

Chaperones were also frustrated.

"They want their six percent pay raise, so they thought going on strike on Tuesday would be a great way to make a statement," said chaperone Jeff Teague. "However, that affected our group and 800 flights."

Parents here in the Triangle were also concerned.

"It's nerve-wracking when you get the call that they're not coming home when you think they're coming home, of course, your heart sinks," said parent Kim Wright.

In the end, the students said it was an incredible trip and an exciting way to see Europe.

Some are even looking on the bright side.

"I got another stamp on my passport that I didn't expect to get, so that's an upside," Williams said.