NC 10-year-old organizing march against child abuse

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Elijah Lee wants to be a changemaker
Elijah Lee wants to be a changemaker.

ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC (WTVD) -- A small-town police chief reached out to ABC11, amazed that a 10-year-old would show up at the station to take out permits for a march against child abuse.

Elijah Lee of Roanoke Rapids is that 10-year-old.

Cartoons and candy are probably the farthest things from Lee's mind. Instead, history books and documentaries are much more his speed.

He wants to be the world's next big change-maker, and Elijah is organizing a march this Saturday from 1 - 2 p.m. at Centennial Park in Roanoke Rapids to fight against child abuse.

"He was a very interesting kid," Roanoke Rapids Police Chief Chuck Hasty said. "Very well spoken, and having a heart for what he wanted to bring awareness to here in our local community."

Elijah said the subject grabbed his attention three years ago when a friend confided in him that she had been hit and didn't like what was going on.

The elementary schooler told her to seek help from an adult. Now, he's taken out his own permit to demonstrate peacefully in the park this weekend - going to City Hall to get his permit approved.

"When one of us falls, we kind of all fall because that person represents us," Elijah said. "That person represents the schools, the place that you live in - that person represents it when they fall out. So when they fall, we all fall - but when they rise, we all rise."