Stuart Scott's daughters raise money for late father's cancer fund through social media

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Daughters of Stuart Scott raising money for cancer research
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Since his passing in 2015 the V Foundation has been working to help families fighting the disease through donations to the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Stuart Scott fought and on his terms won his battle with cancer in 2015.

Although it meant he said goodbye to this world, his legacy lives on through the V Foundation's Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund.

His daughters, Taelor and Sydni, are carrying on their father's legacy by raising money for his cancer fund with the online campaign #ScoopsForStu, which asks people to post pictures of themselves eating ice cream--one of Scott's favorite things to eat--to social media using that hashtag.

"Ice cream (is) something simple and beautiful, and it can be a part of this larger advocacy," Sydni said. "But it really was about just like reconnecting with the people around us and connecting with those memories," she explained.

The program raises money and brings attention to the disparities in cancer research for minorities and people of color.

The 2022 ESPY's are coming up this week, and one of the most memorable moments from the show over the years is the speech Scott made when accepting his award in 2014.

He passed away that following January and left many inspired in their fights against cancer.

July 19 is Scott's birthday. He would've been 57 years old this year.

ABC11's Tamara Scott is his niece, and was able to talk with Sydni about carrying on his legacy.

"The fact that year after year, it continues to be something that people find so much value in is just like more than I could ever ask for," she said.

She and her sister Taelor started the trend #ScoopsForStu years ago. Today awareness and money made from the trend goes toward the Stuart Scott memorial cancer research fund with the V foundation.

"With my dad's grant specifically, it is advocating for communities of color that have very disproportionate healthcare outcomes when it comes to cancer. And so to know how important like being black being a part of the black community and you know, serving a black community was to him the fact that a that is a part of his legacy," Sydni explained.

A legacy the V Foundation uses to help those underrepresented communities.

With ice cream in hand Tamara also spoke with Katie Sweet with the V Foundation to get the scoop on how it works.

"We have funded early $15 million in grants and through his name and that is across the country so it's for different types of cancer lung breast colorectal," she said.

This research goes to help thousands of people win their battle.

"It doesn't matter if you can give $10 or $10,000 be use every bit that you can give is going to help," she added

You can use #SccopsforStu to support the cause and can find more information about the V Foundation here.